My Family Trip to The Navy Pier in Chicago

Navy Pier Chicago

Family moments are always to be cherished and me being a family woman, I try so hard to create those moments where we come together as a family and enjoy whatever that is in front of us. I ensure that everyone is fully happy whether it is an indoor event or an outdoor trip. My family is a small one having only two kids who are very adventurous and won’t hesitate to explore anything that comes in their way. This means that whenever we plan for an outdoor trip, we have to keep their needs first lest we end up messing the whole thing. Recently we were searching for the best places to visit in Chicago then we bumped into Navy Pier.

Just the name of the place elicited a feeling of excitement in me and I started feeling that it can give us a perfect family outing experience. My research from the internet gave me the strongest assurance that we can have the best moments of our lives while at Navy Pier Chicago. Without much hesitation, we started planning for this trip so that we could have first hand experience rather than reading and hearing all about the place. Every family member including our youngest kid was of full spirits expecting the best since we had been waiting for it for long.

The feeling of excitement could be smelt some distance away from the Navy Pier and the nearer we approached, the stronger the feelings became. Our schedule here was fully packed from the moment that we stepped in and here are some of the most memorable activities that we engaged in together with the amazing places in Navy Pier Chicago.

A Ride on the Ferris Wheel

We did not hesitate to start sampling the goodies that Navy Pier had to provide. We began by taking a small trip to Pier Park where we took a ride on the 150-foot Ferris wheel. The ride was not only exciting but was also breathtaking regardless of the age, whether old or young. My partner and I were equally excited like our kids and there was no way of hiding such feeling. The wheel has forty gondolas which can hold up to six people per seating. This means that a small group can take a whole seating. From the Ferris wheel, you can have a perfect view of Navy Pier Park, Lake Michigan and the magnificent city of Chicago.

It is a seven minute ride that will completely blow your mind. The good news is that Ferris Wheel is always open through the year so you have no limits.

Seadog Boat Cruises

Thrilling and high adrenaline moments in life are what make memorable family moments. Navy Pier has all that it takes to help you create all these moments. Just take a ride at the available seadogs and you will feel the real adrenaline . You can opt for a 30 minute speedboat ride on Lake Michigan or you can still go for a 75 minute guided tour on the Chicago river. The Seadog Extreme boat will take you through very sharp twists and turns raising your adrenaline to completely new levels. I was the only one in my family to go for this activity, as others were not very sure about it. I later joined the rest at the serene Crystal Gardens, which provided a perfect environment for resting as you enjoy the cool breeze.

Ultimate Movie Experience

We had an ultimate movie experience during our trip at the Navy Pier Imax Theater. The theater itself has a unique design of its own class. It features a six-story screen which guarantees high quality visual output. The sound system in the theater is also of high quality that you will actually have a live 3D experience of the movie. We had quite an amazing time in the theater.

Tasty meals

After busy and exciting moments engaging in all sorts of activities in Navy Pier our appetites had to be quenched. Believe it or not, it was everyone’s favorite time and we used this time to give our taste buds lifetime treats. There are many amazing restaurants in Navy Pier such that choosing one can be quite a task. Since we were here to have fun, we did not mind hopping from one restaurant to another and just doing this was fun on its own. Some of the amazing restaurants that we managed to visit included Bubba Gumps’s Shrimp Co, Harry Caray’s Tavern, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Big Bowl and Frankies. Everyone enjoyed different tastes of food from these restaurants.

My appetite for seafood was fully satisfied when we booked a reservation at the Riva Crabhouse. Here the food was delicious and this was boosted by the friendly and welcoming staff.

Navy Pier Night Activities

Bike Ride

The best way of exploring all the corners of Navy Pier is by riding a bike. The bike will help you to cover a very large area not forgetting the flexibilities that comes with a bike. There are several bike racks across Navy Pier and they help one to have an easy and smooth navigation. The four of us grabbed bikes and cycled across this vast area, hopping from one place to another and just enjoying the family moment. It was also a form of exercise which comes with many health benefits.

Mini Golf

Playing mini golf here gave me a perfect opportunity to escape from the pressures of the normal golf rules and regulations. The whole family enjoyed playing mini golf as our kids handled lighter tasks. It was also a perfect moment to enjoy an afternoon out with our kids rather than just staying indoors.

Our trip to Navy Pier was of its own kind and it will go down the memory lane as one of the best trips that we have taken in the recent past. It was exciting, enjoyable and also educative. We enjoyed each and every moment while there and sometimes we hear our kids narrating the whole experience to their friends. It is a place that you will put all your energy into good use and your brain will be taken several years back when you were still young. navy Pier also provides a perfect opportunity for a family to bond.

You can find out more information on activities and events here:

Must Visit: Willis Tower and Field Museum

Willis Tower Chicago

Chicago has a whole lot to offer the traveler, especially in regards to nightlife. However, if you might be vacationing with your family, you’ll want to find some things to do in Chicago that will be open during the day and accommodate a child’s attention span. For family vacationing, Chicago still has plenty to offer, particularly if you know where you should look. Start your search online, but don’t wait to contact a traveling agency to question them for ideas, because a couple of them can probably provide you with a good deal.

If you are looking for things to do in Chicago, all you need to do is do some research. Whether you ultimately take a day trip to the Field Museum or spend an afternoon at the Willis Tower Skydeck, there is always plenty to entertain and do whenever you visit the Windy City.

When you’re visiting Chicago, one place you must visit is the Field Museum. At the Field Museum, there are numerous permanent exhibits in addition to traveling or temporary exhibits which are guaranteed to excite you. Whether or not you intend to learn about African environments or animal biology, the Field Museum provides the knowledge in a fun, engaging way.

At the Field Museum in Chicago, visitors can see the many bird habitats of peacocks, quetzals, penguins and much more. These exotic birds can be a beauty to behold, and the popular exhibit of the Bushman (a large gorilla) will have children begging to come back for more. If you’re in the Chicago area, the Field Museum is a must see.

Chicago visitors need to do their best to get Shedd Aquarium tickets. For lovers of the rivers and reefs, you will discover colorful and crazy specimens to be found at the Shedd. Those of you that aren’t impressed by the aquarium tanks, there is also an aquatic show where you will be amazed by the dancing talents of belugas and dolphins.

The vast majority of our planet is covered by water, and there a wide range of different water animals which can be observed when you get Shedd Aquarium tickets. Whether or not you go to the show, or you spend all your time entranced by the exhibits, the Shedd is undoubtedly a place you ought to go when you find yourself in Chicago with your family.

The Willis Tower Skydeck is a staple of Chicago, especially for tourists wishing to get a birds-eye view of the city. At the Skydeck, tourists can walk out in the glass box, providing them with a dramatic sight from the tallest building in the whole western hemisphere. When you are 1,353 feet high, the world seems a lot different.

When you are in Chicago, make sure you try the Willis Tower Skydeck. At 103 floors high, you will get a breathtaking view of the city, which is a lot more breathtaking when it comes to life in the evening. View the city beneath your feet, and feel the thrill for yourself. There are plenty of things to do in Chicago for the whole family; however, the Skydeck shouldn’t be overlooked.

A Visit to Chicago Chinatown

Chicago Chinatown Enterance

Recently, I have visited Chicago Chinatown with a few of my close friends. Honestly, the place is somewhere you need to be at least once. The first thing that I loved about the place is the huge entrance gate and the sculptures there. These take you back to a different era altogether. Right from well-decorated shops to the people, it is like a mini China within the US. There are several shops scattered throughout the streets that serve authentic and lip smacking Chinese food. If you are light on your pocket, this is something you can try. We managed to taste some of the Chinese food from the shops and loved it.

Food Lover’s Paradise

Are you a foodie? Well, this is your place then! After exploring the streets and the grandeur, we headed to the local shops. Interestingly, these shops are packed with various kinds of gift items and souvenir. Our next stop was one of the best restaurants in the place. We offered a variety of Chinese food since there were numerous options to choose from. The best thing about the food is that these are made using authentic Chinese ingredients. In simple words, you get the real flavor just when you take the first bite. Some of the food items we tasted included dumplings, Dim Sum, Momo, etc. There are plenty of restaurants on the streets so you can squeeze into any one of your choices. All of these serve authentic Chinese food close to the same once we had experienced when visiting China. We definitely enjoyed the food.

Shop, Eat, Enjoy!

Who doesn’t love shopping? So, shopping was one of the next things we wanted to try. After buying souvenirs we headed towards buying Chinese ingredients for the lip smacking Dim Sum. There are several herb stores as well as and we stopped by to get some ingredients for home remedies. Our next destination was the gift shops where we managed to get numerous gift items for ourselves. We also enjoyed the water taxi ride which was the best thing to do. The price was affordable and the ride was awesome.

Overall, Chicago Chinatown is a place to be if you want to enjoy authentic Chinese delicacies in a traditional background and experience life among the local people. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore it on your own! Visit: for more details!

Great Shortribs and Wonderful Atmosphere

boeufhaus Chicago Short-ribs

My friends and I recently visited Boeufhaus and were all pleasantly surprised by the experience we were given. The restaurant had a wonderful environment and the staffs were extremely attentive and helpful. The restaurant itself was very clean and wonderfully themed, detailing their French-German blend. I loved how they struck a balance between a contemporary and old world atmosphere. As a starter, we chose the Shortrib Beignets and each of us had a different drink. The waitress helped in our selection of a drink and we loved the Haus Smash and Tiger Balm #3.

The Shortrib Beignets were loved by everyone, and when we go back we will certainly order them again. For the entrees, my friends decided to try the restaurant’s much talked about beef, and ordered the Filet Mignon and 35-Day Dry-Aged Ribeye with bordelaise and au poivre, respectively. The side they chose to split was Cauliflower Gratin which they adored. The meat was delectable, very tender and was cooked exactly to their taste. The Ribeye was enormous, and my friend invited us to try the portions he had left. After much review, for my entrée, I decided on the Seared Scallops, along with a Salade Du Marche which included vegetables, greens, and pleasant vinaigrette. My dish was amazing and was picture perfect.

The carrot hummus brought together the scallops and roasted carrots perfectly, and every bite was delightful. We finished our meals discussing the plates with the waitress, and she was very knowledgeable about each plate. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience at the Boeufhaus last week. The food will magnify your taste buds and really gives you a farm to table taste experience. I would tell anyone looking for a great atmosphere and amazing drinks and food, to try it out; you will not be disappointed whatsoever.

Greatest Thin Crust Pizza in Chicago!

Finding a thin good-tasting pizza is not easy as many joints focus on stuffed deep dish. Simply put, finding a real Chicago Pizza is NOT easy. Ideally, the incredible taste of Malnati heritage is brought about by deep-dish pies served alongside thin-crust pizzas and servings of homemade pasta. And at Pizanos, that’s exactly what you’ll get. After recently visiting the restaurant for the first time, I suddenly realized what I have been missing all along. With their sauce made to be light and similar to crushed potatoes, you can enjoy the meal and get value for your buck.

Two weeks ago, we stopped on a whim with friends on this Italian restaurant and as usual, the thin corneal crust pizza was amazing. The Menu has a variety of choices. All items were made fresh and made from unique recipe, the pizza went along well with salads, sausage and mushrooms. I personally loved the Caesar salad which had freshly grated cheese on top which made an incredible appetizer. The five of us sat on the table patiently, as we awaited the glorious pizza to arrive. Luckily, there was no line and so the pizza only took a few minutes to reach our table. While two of our friends chose to have calamri, pizza and spaghetti, they still left the joint more than satisfied. I couldn’t simply get enough of thin pizza with

buttery taste. The sausages and mushrooms on top tasted even better and there’s no other joint that can compare.

Pizano's Pizza in Chicago

The service at Pizanos restaurant was also incredible. It only took about 25 minutes for the pizzas to arrive and being seated at the bar table made the service even better. The taste of the pizza was superb thanks to the fresh and delicious toppings. The staff is also friendly and attentive and so they’ll bring to the table what you exactly ordered. Pizanos is literally the best restaurant to visit in Chicago. Forget other restaurants in downtown Chicago; it gives far greater value for pizzas served at the restaurant as well as call-to-order pizzas.


Experience the Top Luxury Nails Salon

Grand Nails Salon Chicago

My friends and I recently took a trip Chicago. While in town we stumbled upon a new nails salon called, Grand Nails that just opened up in the 60610 area.

Grand Nails pampered and transformed us into the prettiest girls in Chicago for the night. Like many groomed ladies, great manicure and pedicure is the cornerstone of my beauty needs. I don’t know about you, but when I glance down at my perfectly polished nails, I instantly feel more chic, confident. I felt awesome and it was thanks to the magical expertise of Grand Nails staff! I have been to many nails salons in Chicago but never experienced the level of personalized treatment that matches one at Grand Nails Salon.


When you enter into this grand salon, the first thing you will notice is the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that. I was greeted with a charming staff who welcomed us to relax on the most elegant modern pedicure spa chairs. We spend lot of time chit-chatting with the nails technicians and it made us feel super comfortable. They are very serious about their work, though. We asked a lot of questions about the offering selection and they took their time to help us choose between the vast selections of mixed and matched manicure, pedicure or mani/pedi combos. Whichever your choice is, you are sure to enjoy the experience of de-stressing hands working magic for the revitalization, renewal, and restoration of your nails.

Wax everything from Brazilian to Eyebrow Waxing!

Their services included body, eyebrow and Brazilian waxing options. There were two girls from our group who received nice looking bikini waxing jobs while I got the eyebrow waxing service. We looked fresh and clean from the entire waxing process!

Great Manicure Selections to Choose From

The use of high-quality beauty products also plays a big part in making Grand Nails the leading nail salon Chicago can offer. I have been frustrated by manicures that ruined your nails. This salon gave me a chance to try deluxe brands like Essie Gels. Now, my nails remain chip-free and glossy for as long as two weeks and don’t get damaged underneath. Also, there is a wide range of impressive shades to choose from. Coming to nail art, Grand Nails is not the average salon. The nail experts take your nails like a painter’s canvas and the result is breathtaking.

Relaxing Pedicure

I love when my feet are soaked and scrubbed with organic products, and I was pleased that they had wide selection of it. The experts are therapists. Their massage and fantastic tips kept me engaged while they were preforming the service. We had a night event to get to in town and even when we were in a hurry, our nails got transformed within 15 to 20 minutes. Overall, it was a compete day of receiving the best princess treatment!

If you are in town, this place is highly recommended! 

Grand Nails
1231 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 526-3355
Walk-ins are welcomed!

The Loop Churros – Satisfy Those Late Night Real Churro Cravings

The Loop Churros waiting line

We often have those late night food cravings, those which you can’t ask to go away other than satisfying them with the big gulp of what you’re craving for. For me, it was one of those sugar cravings that wouldn’t just go away. I wanted to have something sweet, crunchy and with sprinkles on top. The only casual restaurant we knew of that type that was open at 11.30 PM night was The Loop Churros.

It was just a block away from my apartment in 9729 Bolsa Avenue, Westminster, CA so I decided to check out the place with four of my friends. Now that I have tried, I can certainly say that some places are too good to be forgotten and The Loop certainly tops it.

The Review as per my experience

The Loop Churros, the only affordable and casual food shop that remains open from noon till 11PM on weekdays and till midnight during the weekends, blew my taste buds away with its quality, dreamy sugary snacks.

Ambience- 4.5/5

The causal snack shop can be easily located with their big shiny boarding “THE LOOP”. It was busy even before fifteen minutes to midnight with the light buzzing of a very pleasant tune that was being played. You can sit outside, but we decided to sit indoors. It was clean and well lit as well.

The Loop Churros Pokemon

Food- 5/5

Now coming to the food. The Loop Churros serves a variety in their menu, some which you never thought can exist. The menu was pictured so it was easy to choose which one you want to munch on to satisfy your hunger pangs. We chose the dipped Churros with strawberry dip, Matcha Crunch, Caramel Pop, Cookies and Cream. From drinks section, we preferred to choose House Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Jasmine Tea.

The Loop Churro Dip in Chocolate

· The strawberry dip was fresh with the right balance of sweet. From the glazed section, the Matcha Crunch was covered with fruit pebbles. The Loop serves giant loops of churros; their dough is soft and crunchy.

· From the chilled section, the cream of each three orders was thick and creamy. The sugary goodness of churros was well-balanced with the caramel pop and the Oreos with chocolate syrup in the ice cream tasted heavenly!

The Loop Churros Menu

· To go along well with these, the drinks were light and hot. I loved the Jasmine tea with their sea salt cream adding a refreshing taste. The hot chocolate and the House Coffee were delicious.

The bill was around $27 but we got a discount of $5 due to the midnight happy hours.

Staff- 5/5

Even being busy the staffs were cordial and patient enough to explain us how they made the items. As the cherry on the top, you can see them making your favourite churro as well.

Love it!

To conclude, not only did my midnight cravings find the right delights but I am surely going to be a regular customer there from now on. The Loop Churros is unique, friendly and affordable. So, next time you have untimely hunger pangs or craving for sweet, don’t miss a visit to the Loop Churros!